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About Ranseen Marketing

Ranseen Marketing since 2001…

If you had told me in 2001 that I´d be doing this a dozen years later, no way I would have believed you. But I am – and still love helping companies, B2B or B2C, grow their businesses with better marketing. May 2012 marked the beginning of the 12th year of Ranseen Marketing (formerly called NoSpin Marketing…and I´m still a "no-spinner"").

…a business guy who knows marketing

Every day it seems there is a new marketing venue, especially in the area of social media. That´s great, but it´s simply another potential tactic for getting you in front of the right folks. Without first really grasping the essence of your business, your products/services, your markets/customers and your competitors, any marketing initiatives are going to be pretty superficial at best. But not when you work with Tom Ranseen.

My best talents are: being able to quickly analyze complex business issues; cut through internal politics that often get in the way of growing a business; synthesize and prioritize key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; think creatively "out-of-the-box; recommend crystal clear, concise results-oriented courses of marketing action; and help implement marketing tactics for diverse types of businesses.

After quickly understanding your business – and drawing on more than 25 years of business & marketing experience – I´ll help you tell the best story you can, get you visible using marketing venues that make the most sense for you, and generate more prospects/sales for your business. I´ve been doing it with dozens of Ranseen Marketing clients over the years (Read what a few Ranseen Marketing clients have to say). Plus, I´ve worked in a variety of companies (and helped start several others – see below) as a manager, executive, consultant and entrepreneur.

I´m neither a techie nor a designer but plan and write a lot of content for web sites (and work with a lot of tech types, designers, and others to develop sites). I am not a financial wiz but spend a lot of time monitoring ROI and analyzing data to optimize clients´ bang for their marketing buck. I am not an operations expert but often weigh in regarding clients´ business components that impact marketing. My thing is Marketing with a broad business perspective:

  • I have a knack for "getting it" in a hurry: the current story & potential of a business, & in particular, its marketing/sales…so that things can start happening sooner than later.
  • I "tease out" (or pull out!) the best about companies, their products & services – and using the written word – craft clear, compelling non-hype messages/info that resonate with customers to take action and build marketplace position.
  • I am equally adept as a ""big picture" marketing strategist and a "the-devil´s-in-the details" tactical planner, and most effective when involved in planning & execution.
  • I know how to get businesses noticed online by the right customer groups.
  • I solve complex problems by focusing on the available information that really matters, analyzing and synthesizing it – without obsessing about the perfect solution.
  • As an independent (often out-of-the-box) thinker, I don´t shy away from asking the tough questions or from articulating my views – but in a positive way aimed at an objective.
  • I build relationships & garner respect from clients, co-workers and partners by listening to them, caring about them as human beings, being honest, responsive & proactive -- and doing what I promised I´d do.

Ranseen Marketing is the compilation of my business and marketing experiences over the last 25+ years – coupled with knowledge gained from reading, taking courses, interacting online and offline with lots of folks around the globe, and analyzing ideas about marketing and business practice and theory. I continue to learn the most from the real world experiences of my clients´ successes (and certainly a few failures, too) over the years. And I continue to learn more than I could imagine from Perry Marshall, who is the planet´s leading Google Adwords guru – and a stellar world-class marketer and person.

Tom Ranseen Bio

Nashville web marketingTom Ranseen is Principal of Ranseen Marketing, the Nashville, TN - based marketing consulting firm that he founded in the May of 2001. He has 25+ years of business/marketing experience and has been involved in Internet marketing since 1996. Tom has helped found and/or held senior Marketing/Product Development positions in five Nashville-based start-ups.

Prior to Ranseen Marketing (and in the very early days of B2B e-commerce) Tom worked in senior Marketing and Product Development roles and helped start both empacthealth (a healthcare supply chain that merged with Medibuy/GHX) and Vger Technologies (a digital rights management technology company that became Phyve/Digital Medical Systems). In the early 1990´s he was Senior VP of Marketing & Product Development at Inforum, a highly successful healthcare information company that completed an IPO and was eventually purchased by MEDSTAT and then Thomson Publishing.

Tom started his career as Administrator of Ambulatory Services at Wake Medical Center in Raleigh NC and then worked with the Fischer-Mangold Group, one of the first emergency physician contract firms. He spent four years with the healthcare consulting firm, Hamilton Associates (now Hamilton KSA). Tom moved to Nashville 1986 (where he has been every since) and spent the late 1980´s as a Manager in HCA´s think tank, The Center for Health Studies, and as Director of Planning for HCA´s Psychiatric Company subsidiary.

He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Duke University (BA) and has an MHA degree from The George Washington University.

Please contact me for additional information.

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