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The "NoSpin" Ranseen Marketing Approach

continues to have key, proven tenets

1. Tell the truth – directly

Talk honestly and directly to your target audiences. Eliminate the hype, exaggeration, vapor, junk, jargon, techno-babble, corporate-speak and “spin” from your messages. You may fool them for a while, but not forever. The truth, on the other hand, won’t come back to haunt you – ever.

2. Tell it creatively – you are selling!

Inform, talk benefits, tell stories, be different, be interesting, be conversational, provide some immediate value, be passionate, have fun, appeal to your prospects both emotionally and rationally, show as well as tell – and make sure you GET THEIR ATTENTION so they want to take a next step! Remember that what you’re selling (at least at the top-line) is mainly about your prospects and clients – and secondarily about you.

3. Get the word out – and let others help get the word out for you

"Build it (your website) and they will come" doesn´t exactly work except in Kevin Costner baseball movies. – and even less so in 2008 with billions of pages on the Web. Use online marketing vehicles that make sense for your budget to drive quality traffic to your site, measure the results, and follow-up! Let visitors interact with you online. If you listen to what “they” want, you’ll be way ahead of your competitors.

Sounds easy as pie. Right? Not exactly, but there is help.

The hardest thing sometimes is to simply take the jump. Take this Quick Quiz to see if you’re a good candidate to dive in…

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