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These short tips provide helpful hints to improve your marketing and overall business – often debunking current myths & practices. So come back often! Tips are all archived below..

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"Sales & Marketing" - usually a Bogus Title & Sham - October 08, 2014

If your company has "Sales" & "Marketing" in one title, it usually means a couple things. (1) You don´t have a high level marketer and (2) Marketing is at best a lowly step-child in your organization -- and you´re not doing a very good job at it. With very, very few exceptions.

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New Facebook Advertising Primer - September 26, 2013

Facebook is THE online advertising game changer in 2013 Their ad platform is light-year better than just a few months ago and getting even better. Read more in this short white paper. And call me at 615.473.104 or email me at 

Marketing "Hards" Part I - August 28, 2013

Marketing is hard. That’s why even some of the biggest and best businesses on the planet, companies with armies of marketers and sales types, use 3rd experts, continually…or at least off and on. But for smaller and mid-sized companies without any or much marketing infrastructure (and not as many resources) these “hards” are even often even harder. This week is the first of a dozen marketing “hards.” Do you see your business struggling here?


  1. It is hard not to fall in love with your own stuff and focus primarily on “you” versus the benefits you provide for them (your customers). It’s hard for most businesses, but in particular, technology companies...and without using the hackneyed word, “solution.”


A Business Epiphany - September 18, 2012

Last week I was trying to objectively re-assess my various business successes, failures, and in between results over the years…especially those where I have been a third party healthcare consultant, marketing consultant, business consultant, vendor, etc. Here’s an epiphany for me -- and maybe for your and your business:


My successes have been with companies that let me help them become more successful.

  • By letting me do my thing to get them what they needed (not necessarily what they wanted) and
  • By doing their part, including providing regular information/feedback relevant to the project/work.

Even businesses that gave me some reasonable rope and did the majority of things (that needed to get done) on their part…realized excellent results…which helped them become even more successful.That doesn’t mean I’ve always been "best in class" or that projects/work relationships have not been bumpy along the path to success. Far from it. But much was learned by both parties…to the benefit of both parties.


A lot of businesses do not get that epiphany, though. They hire 3rd party specialists or buy services from a variety of quality vendors – but then handcuff them and also assume that “it” will just happen in a vacuum without doing their (often small) part -- even sometimes undermining the very folks they hired. These companies throw away a ton of money and financial upside.


2 “trust” takeaways for all businesses:

  • If you need (or currently use) some outside help (especially highly skilled expertise) to fill a key gap, bring a new viewpoint/and help implement difficult changes, get a key project done ASAP without hiring new FTE’s, etc., LET THEM DO THEIR THING with minimal interference. But also DO YOUR PART and TELL THEM THE STRAIGHT SCOOP.  If you want excellent ROI…
  • If you are on the other side of the equation as a consultant, advisor, coach, or other vendor and your customer simply does not let you perform as you know how and is not keeping you in the loop (even when you proactively solicit their input), JETTISON THAT CUSTOMER SOONER THAN LATER. You’ll have a much better success story with your next new customer – one that will beget you more business into the future. Hint: It´s tough but if you can identify the likely "problem children" in the sales process, it´s a lot less painful in the long run to jettison before they ever become a client.

PS. The free IPad(s) offer is now for the NEW iPad thru Nov 15, 2012. Read more.


Interested in reducing your company’s expenses? Companies in an industry, but especially if you are a healthcare company? And especially if you do NOT want to impact your core, labor expenses? Here’s a 45 second SAMPLE video I had done for a new Ranseen Marketing partner, ProviderWorks. Please email or call me (615-661-6042) for more information. More on ProviderWorks in future emails


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