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Internet Marketing – Search Engine Marketing in Nashville, TN

Ranseen Marketing focuses on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) as your key SEM “fuel,” especially for non ecommerce businesses that are finding their legs online

First, a few quick definitions in this acronym-laden space:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): The various processes of developing, updating and marketing a website with the goal of improving its position (the position of specific pages) in search engine results for specific keywords (usually sets of words). SEM includes both PPC and Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Pay-Per-Click (PPC; aka search advertising or paid search.) As an advertiser you bid for the chance to have your ad appear when a user searches for a given keyword (typically a series of search terms). These are usually text ads, which are displayed above or to the right of the algorithmic (organic) search results. Most search ads are sold by the PPC model, where the advertiser pays only when the user clicks on the ad/text link. This is how Google became and remains the behemoth search engine company – by virtue of its highly effective PPC (which also includes other partner search engines). MSN AdCenter also has a similar service with Bing and Yahoo Search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The process of making your site and its content highly relevant for both search engines and searchers. SEO includes relevant content on your site, some  technical tasks to make it easier for search engines to find and index your site for the appropriate keywords, proactively getting other sites to link to yours -- as well as marketing-focused tasks to make your site more appealing to users.

PPC – especially via Google Adwords – is Ranseen Marketing’s top online marketing expertise

I’ve been using Adwords (and MSN adCenter) for clients and my own business) for nearly a decade, and if executed well, works great for the huge majority of businesses. That is, it creates positive return-on-investment (ROI). There are a lot of reasons to like Adwords. Here are a few:

  • Results are immediate versus many other online marketing “fuels”
  • Results are highly measurable (not perfect, but better than probably with any advertising venue) relative to investments
  • Budgets are always controllable
  • There is excellent, real time flexibility (changing/adding keywords, bids, ads, campaigns, geographic targets, etc)
  • The wealth of real time data generated is highly valuable to a variety of marketing efforts (including SEO, etc) – and especially when combined with Google Analytics (which is free)
  •  Plus many more…

BUT, Google Adwords continues to change and evolve, and you have to know what you are doing. Ranseen Marketing does, and Tom Ranseen is a disciple of – and has taken classes from – the top Google Adwords expert on the planet, Perry Marshall, and his colleagues.

Note also, that Google’s Display network, enables you to target people with text/image/video ads by imputed demographics, interests, etc is a powerful PPC online marketing “fuel,” often ignored by advertisers. Not based on as much data as Facebook has, but still an excellent non-search-based online marketing venue. Ranseen Marketing clients typically use both search and display ad PPC.

Nashville SEO

SEO 101

Ranseen Marketing is a big believer in using the SEO 101 approach (the tried and tested ways versus the endless "tricks" used by some …that Google always catches up with) to getting high organic search rankings over time. While a number of factors come into play, the two huge ones are the content (words) that you have on your site (visible and critical “tags”) and the quality/number of links you have on other sites.

At part of your new website content, Ranseen Marketing does the onsite SEO that is prerequisite to other SEO initiatives and builds the right keywords into the content/copy your new website at the right places, and in particular:

  • H1/H2 Headers (basically your page headlines)
  • Site content (especially toward the top of your pages)
  • Title Tags (what appears at the very top of your browser)
  • Meta Description Tags (behind the scenes html code, succinct description of your business, products, services that should vary by page)
  • Page names (the actual urls)
  • Alt tags (typically for images)

High organic rankings via SEO initiative are great, but the big issue with relying only on SEO is that Google’s (and other engines” ranking algorithms are continually changing, and they do not telling exactly, how they compute their rankings). Hence, there is no guarantee, ever, of being on the first page of search results for a specific keyword – which is where you need to be – and for the best keywords for your business. If any “SEO expert” does promise you that, they are lying to you. With PPC, though, there is that guarantee if you want to invest wisely in the keywords that make sense for your business.

Please contact Tom Ranseen (615-661-6042) to find out more about Search Engine Marketing, and PPC, in particular.


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