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Email Marketing

Create profitable long-term relationships that will pay off – with email marketing

Even in this world of high volume, low class SPAM overload, email marketing remains THE most cost effective way to reach your target audiences, quickly, online. There are a LOT of nuances to really good email marketing, but here are a few tenets I’ve found that work well:

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  • Collect quality email addresses via your online and offline contacts, sales, tradeshows, etc – and keep collecting them! Your email list is solid gold IF you then put it to use.
  • Use a good email blast tool (see e.g. for one excellent example that is reasonably priced, offer ease and flexibility, lets you monitor results (like read-rates, clicks into your site, etc)
  • Use auto-responders, minimally ensure quick, professional responses to inquiries and purchases. And if you’re really serious about email marketing you may need even more powerful tools to set up regular auto-responder blasts to segments of your lists…using tools like ,, etc.
  • Email regularly without spamming – and depending on your business and audience (and your results) that could be daily to monthly – always enabling easy opt-outs). Spam is junk that the wrong people don’t want…not the frequency of your emailing.
  • Write great copy which ideally both informs AND sells (via creative promotions, etc)…and find the mix that works best for you.
  • Get their attention via the email title (but avoid words that often get caught in spam filters).
  • Get prospects and customers back to your site with multiple links in your emails…to your site (and other great content on other sites as appropriate)
  • Be patient. Developing these relationships can take months or more – and then wham! Because they’ve come to trust you, they buy.

The Ranseen Marketing clients who do great email marketing get great results…end of story. It’s not a matter of schlepping out a paragraph or two every week or month to a bunch of email addresses. It’s hard work but pays off in spades by getting people back to your site and taking actions -- especially if you have up sell opportunities to your current client base. If you aren’t trying to sell new things to your client base with email marketing, you’re usually missing a huge opportunity. Email marketing is crucial to Follow-up and online marketing results

Ranseen Marketing will help you develop email content, set-up your email marketing tool and manage your database(s), keep you on a regular email schedule and get your blasts out, and monitor results/recommend changes.

Contact Ranseen Marketing.

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