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Offline Marketing Outsourcing, Too!

…not everything happens on the Web

If you have offline marketing gaps, Ranseen Marketing can fill those as well – some with my expertise and others via coordination with the right outside experts. You’ll not only get the flexibility you need when you need it without having to hire a full timer but also an experienced pro who is making sure that your online and offline efforts are in synch and complement one another.   

A Marketing Plan

…to get you organized before you start spending

The initial Marketing SWOT Analysis may point to a number of opportunities, offline as well as online. Whether you’ve done a website development project or not, you’ll need a more detailed Marketing Plan that describes your offline marketing initiatives, timeframes and estimated costs – before you start investing your marketing dollars. Ranseen Marketing will help you develop a complete plan that fits your budget and gets you results. And you may need a strategic marketing review from time to time…That’s no problem because I’ll already know your business well.

Vendor Selection & Coordination

…instead of hassling with it yourself and burning time you donít have

Ranseen Marketing has worked with a number of other marketing and advertising vendors, and if you need any of the following will locate and coordinate the marketing work you need:

  • Graphics Design
  • Photography
  • Direct Mail Design & Fulfillment
  • Other Print Advertising
  • Tradeshows/Booths
  • Promotional Items
  • Media (Video or Audio) Creative & Buying
  • Marketing Research
  • Public Relations
  • Telemarketing
  • Other Marketing

Marketing/Advertising Copy

…that rocks (for your audience)!

I write all online and offline copy for all Ranseen Marketing projects, and there is a big advantage to leveraging that work across mediums. It’s a complete myth that online and offline copywriting is different. While there are a few nuances of both, good online copy is good offline copy…and vice versa. Ranseen Marketing often provides the marketing concept and copy for print pieces which are then handled by designers and printers.   

Contact Ranseen Marketing for more information about outsourcing your offline marketing as well as your online marketing.

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