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Web Copy Updates

Are you tending your web garden regularly…or letting it wither away?

Once you have a good site, you’ll need to continually change and add website copy as well as modify your title tags, HI headers, meta tags etc to encourage better “organic” rankings – based on your results and analysis of your SEO data.

Websites MUST be dynamic marketing vehicles to be successful…like gardens to be continually tended. Otherwise they can pretty quickly become choked by weeds and lose their vitality. Even my previous site ( which now re-directs to Ranseen Marketing), I admittedly did not tend nearly enough – and so I started all over again. I’ve gotten some great clients via online marketing – and intend to redouble my own online marketing efforts to get more. You should too.

Some businesses need to be updating website content daily or weekly – and others maybe not so frequently…but still regularly, nonetheless. One of things my Outsourcing clients often mention about what they really like about Ranseen Marketing is that I stay on them about updating content when necessary. I’m always looking over their shoulders, and they appreciate it.

Keep your website and marketing content fresh and valuable. BUT, if you’ve developed some excellent e.g. articles, white papers, etc that are continually downloaded by visitors (and still relevant), don’t throw them out. Older content can be some of your best content. Quality content, regardless of its age, should be retained – and can live on for a long time. I sorted through a few hundred email newsletters from my previous website and to my amazement found that a number of them are still good. But you be the judge.

Ranseen Marketing will make sure that you keep your website copy up to date and getting you new clients.

Contact Ranseen Marketing.

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