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Other Online Marketing

Internet Marketing with Links, Content, and Ads on other sites

Getting your website page(s) link (and content with links) on other websites is one of the best ways to improve your “organic” rankings over time, especially on Google. There are a lot of “games,” though, played in this area, and so it’s bit of a minefield to rely on “link” experts. Some or all of these are worth trying:

  • Posting great content on your site that other web sites will find and simply want to link to
  • Posting content on e.g. and and other social networking sites.
  • Finding good content sites and proactively offering some of your relevant content (that they may want to link to and/or post on their site).
  • Paying to be on e.g. relevant (global, national or local) business directory sites, (also mentioned above), industry specific sites, etc
  • Issuing regular, substantive press releases (with your link(s)) that are then listed on those sites as well as picked up by other sites
  • Trading links with other relevant, quality sites (not just any site): “You put my link on yours and I’ll do likewise.”
  • Publishing blogs and related sites to yours (that all help link to one another…without “duplicating” sites)
  • Paying for banner ads on sites where potential target customers also visit..even if they may not be looking for your particular “things” at that point in time

…to name some of the more useful ways to market online (and also improve your search traffic and results)

Ranseen Marketing will suggest and help you implement the types of online marketing that make sense for your particular business

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