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Internet Marketing – Website Planning Services

Web Development always starts with good planning – or proceed at your own risk!

Website Development always starts with good planning – or proceed at your own risk!

Every Ranseen Marketing Website Development project starts with a Marketing SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, & Opportunities & Threats) Analysis and a Website Plan. Why? Because this the most efficient way for me to understand the key components of your business and get you the site you need. And it works. Many clients have told me that the initial Planning piece was worth the price of the whole project. Without this initial work, you won’t get the business results you want from your online marketing.

Tom Ranseen brings three decades of business experience and twelve years of experience related to internet marketing. You simply won’t get this expertise from most typical web design or development firms, ad agencies, etc.

We’ll SWOT your business 1st – it’s not too painful, I promise

The SWOT Analysis provides a simple framework to get a thorough, yet quick read on your business – for developing the best possible website and online marketing to reach your business objectives. Typical steps include:

  • Phone and/or in person interviews with key executives/staff to quickly, yet thoroughly, understand your business and business direction for the short and long term.
  • Detailed critique of the current of your current website (if you have one).
  • Inventory and analysis of any other current print & offline marketing & sales materials (or potential materials – and including any recent planning information).
  • Analysis of key competitors’ web sites (as identified by you).
  • Analysis of current site traffic and pay-per-click results (and evaluation of your current 3rd party SEO vendor if you have one).
  • Preliminary keyword analysis (of potential search terms used to find your company, products, and services online via Wordtracker (and Google Adwords, etc as appropriate).
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) document (approx. 10-20 pages) & discussion.

Ranseen Marketing starts by asking the right questions

Download Ranseen Marketing’s free SWOT tools (updated in 2008) here

The Ranseen Marketing SWOT approach is to ask the right questions, quickly understand your business, organize the key relevant information and begin to document the marketing strategies and tactics that make sense for you online (and also offline). Undoubtedly, individuals in your business have a lot of good ideas already, but those may not have been voiced or they were dismissed without serious consideration. We’ll bring them to the forefront—along with other practical options to consider.

Website Plan – BEFORE ANY design work!

The Ranseen Marketing SWOT lays the groundwork for your Website Plan which is where the real nitty-gritty work starts – BEFORE any building of your website pages:

  • Website business objectives
  • Homepage detail (including preliminary messaging ideas but not final content)
  • Content components/types (content that needs editing, content that needs to be tossed, new content needed)
  • Navigation and sub-navigation sections
  • Design parameters
  • Site technology functions
  • Preliminary list of project responsibilities and estimated time frame (and more specific hourly estimates)
  • Website Plan Document (approx. 5-10 pages) to be approved by the client (always subject to modification during the process)

Website Marketing plans should always be fluid, dynamic guidelines–and NEVER in granite—because the world, as we’ve seen again lately, just changes too unpredictably and too fast for anyone to be that prescient. Strategies and tactics never work 100% of the time–they need constant fiddling and refinement. But you need a framework to grow your business. Now you’ll have a game plan as a reference point to start from and measure against.

And note that Ranseen Marketing also provide Marketing Plans that include offline marketing as well.

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Please contact Tom Ranseen by email or phone at 615.661.6042 for more information about Ranseen Marketing Website Development Services.

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