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Web Design that CREATES more business

While Web Content, Web Location, and Follow-Up will determine the success of your online marketing efforts, a prerequisite is good website design and technology. Sure, a lot of businesses that are hugely successful online are not phenomenally gorgeous, but they are still:

  1. Easy to navigate and use for your target visitors
  2. Reliable (that is, they work, technologically 99.8% of the time)

I’m all for aesthetic appeal, too, as long as it does not become THE central focus of your “new” site to the detriment of marketing your products/services. Visitor usability and reliable technology are much more important than good looks if you want online results. With Ranseen Marketing, though, you can great results along with a great looking site. See several Customer sites.

But Aren’t Web Surfers Mainly Interested in the Coolest-Looking Websites?

Really spectacular looking sites are virtual prerequisites for certain types of businesses such as fashion, entertainment, art, luxury products, etc. But much less so for the huge majority of businesses. Visitors to business sites mainly want valuable information – or help – or to purchase products/services, directly.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a terrific looking site – IF it does its job of generating prospects and sales for you. This only happens, though, when a good marketer and really good designer work in tandem; then you can get the best of both worlds. See some examples. You can have the cool site components you want without diminishing your chances for visitor appeal and search engine rankings (and results!)…if you want online success. With Ranseen Marketing, though, you can great results along with a great looking site. See several Customer sites.

Who Builds Ranseen Marketing Websites?

Not me. That’s not my skill-set (and I don’t touch any client’s website code), but I have partners that do a terrific job. What I’m good at doing is managing the web designer so that you don’t have to worry about it. And design ONLY starts AFTER you have approved your website plan. Design FOLLOWS versus LEADS in every online marketing project.

People who are skilled in graphics, website construction, and website technology (if your site needs e-commerce, backend databases, auto-responders, and other functions) are essential. BUT instead of letting the tail-wag-the-dog (letting a “web design firm“ over-design and “under-market” your site which is all-too-common in the majority of website projects), Ranseen Marketing works closely with you and the designer – and coordinates the entire project for you. This ensures that you get the website that meets your business goals as laid out in your website plan.

I choose the designer for the project from one of my partners like iDesign. In very rare circumstances I will agree to work with your in-house designer or current web designer. The track record of success in those projects – over many years now – has been dismal compared to working with a partner firm.

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Please contact Tom Ranseen by email or phone at 615.661.6042 for more information about Ranseen Marketing Website Development Services.

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