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Web Development made easy with Ranseen Marketing


Most businesses really don’t know how to manage web designers who often tend to run amuck, focusing on what they know best: really cool design and techie stuff without rhyme or reason or concern for the critical business aspects of your site. So maybe you get a nice looking site that maybe works most of the time…but that does little or nothing for your bottom line.

It’s not your fault. Most businesses haven’t ever put a truly quality website that gets great results. Your business may be an exception if you’ve been involved in developing a number of website development projects, but you would be in the extreme minority.

No client I’ve worked with over the past seven years has really wanted to hassle with managing the actual construction of their site. They are too busy running their respective businesses. In fact, many clients think this is one of THE best services that Ranseen Marketing provides because – by staying on plan and on schedule – it ends up saving them time and money.

You are still in control

Ranseen Marketing handles all aspects coordination with the web designer – and you the client. After the web site plan is approved, Ranseen Marketing works with the web designer on a mock-up (before any pages actually built) which you comment on and then approve – and then the final design of the homepage and a secondary page look (again, subject to your approval). You have 24/7 access to your “development” site at all times and can provide comments at any point. Ranseen Marketing makes sure that the designer sticks to the plan but, with your input, often recommends tweaks during the process.

But it’s always your call on proceeding to the next key step in the development of your website. Then, at the end of the process it is a joint effort between Ranseen Marketing, the designer, and you the client to QA the site and its functionality. You decide when you think the site is ready to go live. And typically, additional tweaks continue to be made after the site goes live.

Make your next Website Development project pain-free with Ranseen Marketing!

lease contact Tom Ranseen by email or phone at 615.661.6042 for more information about Ranseen Marketing Website Development Services.

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