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Website Content that gets your visitors to act

Quality Content is THE key to your Website Machine

OK, you’ve got website: a potentially powerful machine for producing prospects and/or direct sales, online – even if you’re not an ecommerce business. How is your machine working right now? Maybe great, but most websites need a little or a lot of help: they don’t “grab” attention; they are outdated; they have huge gaps (relative to what the company offers); they have inaccuracies/too much hype; they offer little of value to visitors, etc.  

Online marketing success does not depend on having THE perfect website machine but rather doing the key things well – and ideally better than your key competitors do on their sites. There are a lot of components to your website – and, yes, including design/technology too. But the most important ones are those involving content. Yes, your machine also needs online marketing “fuel” to create visibility and drive quality traffic to your site, but, really, but the prerequisite is your content.

Your WORDS are critical!

Without your words, your website machine is never going to work like it could, regardless of how slick it might look and how many functions it performs. Words evoke visions, emotions, thought, and connections – and are critical to every website. Also those words (in the right places) are critical for search engine rankings (also a great fuel for your machine!).

Good copy online is also good copy offline – and vice versa. As one of my mentors, Perry Marshall and others have said, "The common thread of great web marketing is great copy writing." Great copy is great content. Unquestionably though, images, videos or audio clips that show and tell your story can be highly effective content components, too. Still, your words are prerequisites.

Your website machine needs a really good Unique Selling Proposition (USP), strong benefits statements, top line and detailed feature info, proof of your success (testimonials, client lists, work examples, etc.), informative FAQ’s, plus a lot more to make your machine hum. But also…

HOOK Your Visitors with Compelling Content that gets them to ACT

Website content "hooks" generate tangible interactions with your visitors so that you are both exchanging something of real value. In the case of an ecommerce site, your visitors purchase a product or service typically a credit card/Paypal/etc – and then you get the money (and other information collected from the buyer – which is also immensely valuable in marketing to them on an ongoing basis). Ecommerce goods and services that can be purchased online are maybe THE best type of hook.

All machines, but in particular non ecommerce websites, need at least one great content hook (and preferably more) so that at least some of your visitors decide to trade a basic level of contact information (minimally, name and email address and maybe phone #, etc) for something helpful and/or of value that you give them. Here are examples of just a few (typically free) online content hooks that you can consider to create actions that will bring you more prospects – that lead to more sales:

  • Custom quote or application (usually via online form) for a custom service or product
  • Subscription software demo, or other product trial for X period of time – or even an actual product or service (such as an initial giveaway)
  • Appointment for a demo or sales presentation or webinar online or offline
  • "Checklist" or guideline that details valuable "hints" (e.g. part of your business approach & approach related to client needs (without giving away trade secrets)
  • White paper on an important, relevant, timely topic
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Audio/video piece about a topic of current interest
  • Library of valuable, proprietary information (for "members")
  • Short analysis/audit/assessment of a part of your visitor´s business (relative to your offerings)
  • Q & A for visitors to ask your experts questions, ideally real time (online and/or phone)
  • etc                                           

With an initial, online "engagement" point via your hook(s), you´re adding to your sales funnel and have a decent shot at communicating with a quality prospect again via email and/or phone – especially if you have great website content. BTW, with some businesses, a guarantee (via a local and/or toll-free phone number) that a knowledgeable human will actually answer/respond to your phone call can be a powerful action step that you can encourage via your site.

Take the YOU vs. WE Test…

Writing good ad copy, online or offline, is tough work and a lot of skill, and that’s why you see so little of it -- but especially on websites where copy is almost an afterthought or a hand-me-down, outdated print brochure. BTW, it’s a complete myth that good copy offline and good copy online are different. They are the same. The advantage of web copy, though, is how easily changeable it is compared to static print, etc.

The tendency online is to get caught up in your own underwear and focus solely on describing your own company and your own stuff. Rather 9 out of 10 sites do NOT talk directly to their visitors as if they understand at all what their customers need and want. So the content is typically boring, out-of-date, politically correct, or even deception (not as in selling pure hype). You’ve got to grab them with words more than anything—and depending on your products and services use levels of well written information as well as audios, videos, images, etc if those enhance the customer experience. Having a dialogue with them versus telling them about “you” is only the first step.

On your homepage and your other key website pages just count the times that you use the word “you” or “your” versus “our,” “we,” “me,” “us,” “my,” or “I.” The latter group typically wins hands-down, and it should be just the opposite. One of the best introductory books on website copy is the Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords, by Perry Marshall. It’s a lot more than great information about Google Adwords – it’s an amazing marketing manual that’s a great primer on writing outstanding online copy.


Ranseen Marketing specializes in helping non ecommerce companies create much better website machines that, with the right online marketing “fuel,” generate new prospects – and then sales, for your business. Still wondering if this makes sense for you. Take a quick survey and find out. Call Tom Ranseen at 615-661-6042 to discuss how your business can upgrade its website machine &  fuel it with the right online marketing -- to generate prospects/sales ASAP..
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